Trackless Train Ride Costs

Costs for The Hadden Express

Our trackless trains require a 20-foot radius to turn around. We need 9-foot wide areas to avoid hitting walls, barricades, or pedestrian traffic. Level parking lots are best where we can block off motor vehicle traffic. If we’re running outside, it’s nice to give them plenty of room to run. This allows for circles, squares, and figure eights to make each ride unique and fun. As a minimum, we like around 10 parking spaces. Of course, if you allow for larger areas, we’ll definitely use the space!

Your reservation is not guaranteed and availability is limited. Ashlin Hadden Insurance Clients are Given Priority. Driver must be an Hadden Express Employee and must not be driven by any renter. Renter Must obtain an Event Insurance Policy from Ashlin Hadden Insurance. Our trackless train comes with a trained driver to ensure that your guest are very safe while riding in the train.

Main Train and 1 Cart (Approx. 24 people) – $400                                                               

  • Max 4 Hours
  • Includes Set and removal
  • Includes Conductor

Each Additional Cart (Approx. 24 per cart) $100 per cart (2 Available)

Additional Hours: $100.00/hour

Add on Special Character: $200 (4 Hours)                                                                            

All orders require a 50% deposit. They are non-refundable if you cancel your order prior to your rental date. If you cancel prior to your rental for weather ONLY you will be given a rain check that is good for 1 year.